The Laboratory maintains a technical center based on 7 graduates (Textile and Chemical Engineering) whose experience and operational means allow to provide adequate responses to the requests submitted.
This group is leaded by a Technical Director with technical experience acquired over 3 decades of fruitful activities. In our Laboratory we develop not only the reproduction of colors (Dyeing and Printing) but also the optimization of application processes according to the characteristics and technical requirements of our customers.
Together with the Sales Department team, we are permanently attentive to the needs of our customers, for whom we seek solutions adjusted by the motto “SUITABLE IDEAS“..

Research & Development

The commitment to sustainability, the search for new processes that save water, energy and time, the challenges launched by our customers and brands, oblige us to always be aware.

At Impocolor, we have a team with training and experience, supported by a fully equipped laboratory, capable of developing and proposing solutions for current and future situations.

Whenever necessary, we count on the support of our suppliers/representatives with vast experience in their area, which allow us to increase our capacity and speed of response.

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